What is our EDV-Recycling

Currently, the environmental pollution issue is an important part of our objective reality; therefore, our company’s goal is to fight the current reality to make our world a better place. The excess garbage and waste issue are especially important in remote regions, in which the population has crossed the poverty line; therefore, our EDV-Recycling company’s goal is to improve the environmental state as well as provide a better life quality for the poor people.

We are developing a new development strategy in the waste collection and recycling field together with the PlasticBank project. We use both other companies’ and contractors’ resources as well as the local regions’ population, which we work in. So, they may benefit from waste collection and improve their financial situation. We monetize the garbage collection, while providing people with the things they need in exchange for it, thus positively affecting their level and living conditions in general. Besides, we found out the way to resolve the ocean pollution issue by launching specialized garbage collection plants.

Currently, our mission is to change public consciousness in the context of consumer culture as well as to focus the attention on economic and humanistic values instead of just economic ones. The current process has already started, while we continue its development the right way.

Last year report


Landfills. Unauthorized waste dumping. Lack of containers for separate garbage collection

Limited resources. Lack of equipment. Insufficient waste recycling companies’ number

Ocean pollution. Waste disposal in the ocean. Unauthorized garbage disposal into the Global Ocean

Toxicity. Danger to nature. Non-recyclable waste extreme toxicity

All the current issues are the main impending environmental disaster’s points. Therefore, we are obliged to pay people’s attention to the current issue as much as possible.

EDV-Recycling is a new stage in the garbage recycling industry

We are changing both the environmental state in the world, as well as people’s attitudes towards it