About Us

We make the world cleaner!

What is EDV-Recycling company?

Our EDV-Recycling company was founded in 2017. Finally, we managed to become a large company, specializing in garbage collection and recycling, while being united by the same goal.

Today the recycling issue is extremely and globally important, while being one of the most important Earth’s issues. Constant environmental pollution through various wastes releases both negatively impact the population's life quality as well as worsens the environment.

That’s why Liam Ly, our company’s founder, is actively engaged in our planet’s life preservation, which is extremely important for him.

Our company operates in the most problematic regions worldwide, including both India and Haiti. The environment state in them is extremely unstable; pollution occurs everywhere, huge garbage and waste amount poison the whole cities’ life, that’s why the issues are extremely acute there. But we managed to both collect and recycle garbage for its further use as well as involve the local population to resolve the current issues, thereby providing additional jobs.

We actively use and collaborate with PlasticBank. We are revolutionizing while being innovators in the waste recycling field together. Namely, we are engaged in its monetization: people are interested in collecting as much waste as possible because we provide a chance to pay for school fees, medical insurance, medicines, Wi-Fi, cellular communications, buy eco-fuel for cooking, efficient oven by garbage, instead of money. Besides, we provide a chance to buy all those poor people previously failed to. We give them all they need in exchange for waste and garbage.

Besides, we signed agreements with several companies, acting as contractors, and collect garbage in the current regions, thereby contributing to our mission fulfillment.

We didn’t ignore the World Ocean issue. The ocean is one of the most polluted areas, and it’s worth mentioning that thousands of tons of garbage are disposed of their annually. Therefore, it’s quite had to resolve the current issue since garbage collection in the ocean requires large resources. But our EDV-Recycling company developed its own automated plants, dealing with the waste collection.

Waste collection points

Our company annually increases collection volumes as well as contributes to life quality employment and improvement due to the large waste collection points number.

Advanced technology

Advanced technologies usage makes the company’s operation process to be quite efficient.

Provision of population

We will improve people’s lives by giving them what they need by involving local people to fulfill our mission.


Huge investments are being made in it for the further recyclable’s usage since the garbage recycling sphere is just starting to develop.


We are involving more people’s attention to the garbage collection issue by promoting our industry and company activities.


Collaboration with partners with a worldwide reputation and one of the best PlasticBank startups allows us to become professionals in our field.

Our company’s mission

Our mission today is to change public consciousness in the consumer culture context as well as to focus the main attention on economic and humanistic values instead of economic ones only. The current process has already started, and currently, we are developing it the right way.

We may find out the right solutions, help to change the law to achieve the benefits for both business and the environment, just by changing our views related to the existing issue. That’s why we are actively engaged in economically highly profitable waste recycling technologies research and development by combining our efforts and experience. Therefore, we urge everyone to conduct business the way, which doesn’t harm the environment, while increasing commercial efficiency.


Waste collection points number increase

New waste collection points opening in Haiti and India has significantly increased operational efficiency.


A new garbage collection method in the ocean

Automated waste collection facilities launch in the ocean.


Partnership with the PlasticBank project

Use and collaboration with the PlasticBank project to achieve maximum efficiency.


EDV-Recycling company foundation

We laid the foundation for activities, intended to improve the world.