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Looking to the future: PlasticBank as the key to success

We want to make our world a better place. Therefore, we are actively using and collaborating with the PlasticBank project. The project's main idea is simple: all the regions, being environmentally disadvantaged from the environmental point of view, have got PlasticBank points, intended to provide people with a chance to bring household waste and other rubbish and exchange it for the currency. The network economy is based on a digital bank with its own cryptocurrency: each user has got a virtual account in it, which can be controlled via a mobile app. The garbage is weighed, and its value is converted into funds in a cryptocurrency account when a user hands over garbage to Plastic Bank.

Realizing the environmental pollution issue
is the first step towards care of it.

We must direct our efforts towards looking for new effective solutions as well as using existing ones to maintain an ecological balance.

PlasticBank project idea and the cooperation way with it affects the environment.

Plastic Bank cooperates with pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions, agreeing on them to accept payment by virtual currency directly. All this works on the blockchain, and the plastic collected from the population is sent for recycling.

The project’s operation geography both extends to the ocean waters as well as creates new economic opportunities for the poorest peoples of the world in different parts of the world since the poorest regions are excessively susceptible to heavy pollution.

The excess waste and garbage growing threat stop is our EDV-Recycling company’s mission. That’s why we are ready to collect a billion people from monetizing waste and improving life quality. It’s also worth mentioning that our Plastic Bank project partner around the world is recognized as one of the most important solutions for stopping environmental pollution and has received prestigious awards such as the Sustainia Community Award at COP21, the Beacon for Change award at COP23. The RCBC Innovation Award and its new Blockchain-based sharing platform recently won the IBM Beacon Award. The project’s activities and achievements were mentioned in the «A Plastic Ocean» documentary as well.

The current startup took care of its funds’ safety, as well as the users’ funds. All fees for garbage collection are distributed and authenticated through the Plastic Bank app, which uses Blockchain technology, to ensure the most reliable and secure interaction between its customers and company.