Social issues

It is required to be aware of the whole situation to realize the importance of the current issue.

The environmental issues impact on the world state

Humanity has made a huge technological leap, which contributed people to enter a new development stage over the past few decades. However, there are certain negative consequences, affecting the entire situation in the world as a whole, and one of the most obvious and primary issues is environmental pollution, despite all the advantages and achievements in this area.

For example, about 85% of all diseases of modern man are related to adverse environmental conditions, arising from his own fault, according to statistics. People's health is actively declining: previously unknown diseases have emerged, and their causes are hard to be revealed. Lots of diseases have become more difficult to cure than before. Therefore, the «Human Health and the Environment» issue is now very acute.

Besides, the most important and widespread dangerous environmental pollution in the world, which threatens the oceans today, is oil pollution and oil products. The current wastes, falling into the ocean water and remaining in the water for many years, have a catastrophic effect on both the World Ocean and its inhabitants. The mass death of marine mammals and fish, various plants, and algae, as well as various seabirds, results in the large-scale deterioration of the entire ecosystem as a whole.

Household waste storage and disposal in inappropriate places are some of the sore topics. Every day there appear more unauthorized dumps, and they grow faster. It’s worth mentioning that each planet’s inhabitant has about 1 ton of garbage per year, without given the millions of worn and wrecked cars! And a significant amount of these wastes is not disposed of or recycled properly, resulting in landfills. The wind moves paper and other light waste — these landfills, which then spoil the landscape and pose a threat to human health. Substances, generated by the waste decomposition, pollute the air. Rainwater leaches toxic substances from decomposed waste, which later results in open water bodies and groundwater pollution and contamination.

So, we may highlight the most important environmental issues resolving aspects, based on all of the above mentioned:

Fast response

Fast response - further indicators and prospects of life on Earth depend on both the perception and issue-resolving speed.


The current industry needs large investments since the waste collection and recycling process is rather expensive.

Planning tasks

The actions of proper planning and a well-defined line will contribute to the most effective approach to environmental pollution issues resolving.

New ideas

New ideas - innovative solutions and creative approaches are an important part of the success achievement.

Recycling points

Garbage collection and recycling points - new points creation required to cope with the work amount.

Separate garbage collection

Separate garbage collection is one of the most important factors in recyclable material recycling and its further use.

The main hazardous waste sources

We provided a small statistic, identified three main environmental pollution sources, indicated in percentage indicators, and calculated on the hazardous waste sources basis.

Chemical and related companies’ products
Non-production waste

Global warming as one of the Earth's conditions worsening factors

The global warming issue, which has recently worried more and more people, is one of the key aspects of our planet's life. This can disrupt the life of about 800 million people and also adversely affect their health since it will be accompanied by a large amount of precipitation, and as a result, the World Ocean level will increase. Besides, there may be a decrease in its biodiversity, half of all plant species may disappear, and the planet appearance may change as one of the serious consequences of climate change.

Be sure to pay attention to the current issues - this is what our world needs right now.